bankruptcy criminal defense,
AND bankruptcy fraud FORM THE CORE OF MY LAW practice.

I handle cases in both federal and state courts throughout California. I have also been specially admitted to other federal bankruptcy courts throughout the United States to represent individuals and business entities on a case-by-case basis.

As a bankruptcy specialist certified by the California State Bar since 1995, I tackle the most difficult and high stakes legal problems that individuals, companies, and other lawyers sometimes face.

Those in trouble and contemplating bankruptcy need strategic thinking.
Bankruptcy can make a bad situation better, but also much worse.
That’s where I come in, thinking creatively about options, outcomes, risks, and costs.

Sometimes, what's needed is the willingness to take a tough issue to trial and perhaps on to appeal. I do that too.

I often take on cases in tandem with other lawyers who've hit an unexpected turn in litigation, or when a bankruptcy issue or fraud allegation pops up.